Idiom Project Page


2006-Jul-26 16:16 CST
I've uploaded a draft of my paper here. I've also submitted it for publication.

2006-Apr-17 14:28 CST
I've completed the rough draft of my paper. Significantly, I've proven the Theorems (2, 4, and 11) that establish the correctness of the Algorithms for parsing transformative languages. Now I've got a theory that I can use to begin working on Idiom, I might get down to it in a few weeks (if I can pull myself away from my new baby). Of course, as this is open-source, once I've published my paper, anyone with an interest could pick it up.

2006-Jan-23 10:37 CST
It's been a long time since I've updated either this page or the idiom source code. I'm still working! Over the last three or four months, I've been trying to work out the theory behind idiom. This has been very successful, and I am now writing my results up in a paper, which I will try to get published. Once the paper is accepted for publication, I intend to spend some time completing idiom.

2005-Oct-5 13:38 CST
I started a news log.